Sean & Veneta

  • Situation: Previously privately renting
  • Location: Surrey
  • Date purchased:

When first time buyers Sean Briggs and fiancée Veneta Stanton-Wharmby (28,27) were searching to buy their first home they were feeling a little disheartened.  With the deposit they had saved, they were looking at a maximum house price of around £220,000 which in the Surrey town of Camberley was not stretching far. Then on hearing about the Help to Buy scheme at a stylish town centre development, Viridium by Hodson Developments, the couple discovered they could actually really afford to buy their dream first home.

By using Help to Buy, it meant that as well as only requiring a 5% deposit upfront, with the 20% equity loan from the government, they could also gain access to lower interest rates available with a 75% loan to value mortgage. As a result the couple were able to extend their budget by nearly £100,000 and buy a stylish new two–bedroom apartment complete with 30ft long glass balcony at Viridium. What’s more is that the couple will now only have to pay just over ten pounds more in monthly mortgage payments than they were paying previously in their rented property.

Aircraft engineer Sean says: “Thanks to Help to Buy suddenly we have been able to buy an amazing property that was previously out of our price range. As soon as we saw this particular apartment Viridium we knew we loved it, but it wasn’t until we did the sums with Help to Buy, that we realised we could actually afford to buy it. We only needed to pay a 5% deposit and as the government is providing us with a 20% equity loan, we were able to secure a mortgage with an interest rate of 2.2% – meaning really affordable monthly repayments. We can’t quite believe that we have managed to buy our first home here.”

Previously having thought they were going to have to buy a property that required a lot of work, given their budget, they are thrilled to move into ready-made home. Their brand new apartment not only requires no work, it also comes with a sophisticated new kitchen with top of the range appliances and specification included in the price, stylish bathrooms, ensuite and even luxury carpet throughout.

Body Shop Store Manager Veneta adds: “The prospect of having to do up a run down property was not what I had wanted at all but with the budget we had it felt like that was our only option. So when we found out we could get everything we wanted at Viridium with Help to Buy – and no need for any DIY – we wasted no time in paying a holding deposit to secure the property. The fact that it comes kitted out with all modern appliances is also a great help – meaning that we don’t have any more to pay out before moving in. I can quite honestly say it’s our dream first home and I can’t imagine anything I would want to change about it.”

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Thanks to Help to Buy suddenly we have been able to buy an amazing property that was previously out of our price range.