Generation rent: Young families escape to Aylesham Village

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  • Situation: Privately Renting
  • Location: Aylesham Village
  • Date purchased: Mar 22, 2017

Many young families are facing sky-high costs of housing, forced either to pay huge rents or service large mortgages. In the last year, average earnings rose by 2.3 percent, but average house prices rose by double that at 5.8 percent**, making it impossible in some cases for prospective homeowners to save a deposit and buy a home of their own.

Married couple, Harriet and Liam Phelan were spending £9,000 a year renting a small, two-bedroom cottage in Wingham, near Canterbury in Kent, on a joint, pre-tax income of £60,000. After bills, tax and transport costs there was little scope for the couple, aged 24 and 25 respectively, who were expecting their first baby, to save a significant amount of money each month. With the help of the Government’s Help to Buy scheme, and money that they had been given as wedding presents, the couple were able to put down a deposit of £20,000, to afford to buy a three bedroom, three bathroom house for £219,995 at Barratt Homes’ Aylesham Village development in the neighbouring village of Aylesham.

Harriet, a Web Performance Consultant comments: “It is unbelievable that we are now paying less in our monthly mortgage payments than we were in rent for our tiny two-bedroom cottage, which had no garden. When Carter arrived, we wanted somewhere to make a family home, but we were worried it would be virtually impossible for us.

Liam, who works as a Scientist comments: “My Dad used to live and work in Aylesham as a miner many years ago, so I was already familiar with the village. When we discovered the range of new houses that were being built and the fact that the Help to Buy scheme was being offered, we had to take a look. The idea of moving into a new house, which would require no work to it, also appealed, particularly with a new baby.”

Offering a range of 277 one to five bedroom homes, Aylesham Village is the largest village in East Kent. The former mining village is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. Aylesham is surrounded by beautiful countryside on the edge of the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and set halfway between the medieval cathedral city of Canterbury with its High-Speed train station and the port of Dover on the coast, which are both a 20-minute drive away.

…2/ Barratt’s Aylesham Village development is part of the wider Aylesham Garden Village regeneration project, which will see significant investment and include new local facilities such as retail outlets, sporting facilities, parks and cycleways. Aylesham is currently centred around the Market Place, with a range of small shops, a café, a Post Office, health centre and supermarket. There are also several churches, a community library and two thriving primary schools.

Harriet continues: “Our house is a really good size and for the price we paid, it feels like we got really good value in comparison with what else is on the market in the local area. The development has a real family community feel to it, with children always playing outside. I am already friendly with lots of the other mums with young babies who live on the development and we regularly meet up. A couple of my friends have now also moved in, as they were able to escape renting by buying here too. It will be nice to see the development continue to grow and more people move in. Liam’s Dad has been shocked with how much the village has changed since he lived here, but so much for the better.”

Natalie Perry, Head of Sales & Marketing for Barratt David Wilson Kent says: “It is fantastic to see Aylesham Village offering struggling Generation Renters like Harriet and Liam, who were looking to buy their first family home together, an option of buying without a huge deposit saved and fantastic value for money in comparison to renting. Aylesham Village is proving particularly popular with those recognising the value opportunity in investing early on in a significant regeneration project.”

The Help to Buy equity loan scheme allows a homebuyer to secure a brand new home up to the value of £600,000 with only a 5% deposit. The Government lends the buyer 20% of the value of the property in the form of an interest free equity loan for five years. With a mortgage of only 75%, the salary requirement is correspondingly lower too, which means for many people it is actually more affordable than they think.

A selection of four-bedroom family homes are currently available at Aylesham Village, with prices starting from £229,995. Help to Buy is available on all homes. For further information, please contact the sales team on 0844 662 6414 or visit



Purchase price: £219,995

Deposit: £20,000

Monthly mortgage payments: £691

Service charge: £151.18 per year



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* Trading Economics

** Land Registry






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“It is unbelievable that we are now paying less in our monthly mortgage payments than we were in rent for our tiny two-bedroom cottage, which had no garden.