Regional Equity Loans - Elmbridge, Surrey

How does it work?

Catalyst Housing and Elmbridge Borough Council in Surrey have developed a bespoke open market equity loan product aimed mainly at first-time buyers who live or work in Elmbridge. Depending on your circumstances you could have access up to £70,000 to buy your property. Now, the scheme is interest free for 2 years so take advantage of this amazing opportunity to buy your dream home. 

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Regional Equity Loans - South Bucks

How does it work?

South Bucks District Council works in partnership with Catalyst Housing to deliver an Open Market Purchase Equity Loan Scheme called 'Your Choice', providing up to £100,000 to help make your aspiration of home ownership a reality. Depending on your circumstances you could receive a loan of between 15%-50% of the total price of the property you wish to purchase. This scheme now offers two years interest free.

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Discounted Sale Properties

How does it work?

These properties on new-build developments are sold with a discount, which is normally between 20%-50% of the market value. You cannot buy further shares in the property.

If you owned 80% equity in the property, you would sell the property at 80% of the full market value at the time of sale. 

There are usually Local Connection restrictions on these types of properties, to ensure that they are sold to people within the local community.